5 Basic Skin Types You Must Know About

Just as there are different people and different personalities spread over the entire globe, there are as well different skin types typical to every individual. Although, the former may runs in thousands and billions, the latter can only be categorized into 5 types.

Having a good knowledge of your skin is absolutely essential if considering the suitability and utility of your beauty products and other skin treatments, otherwise, using wrong products may lead to numerous problems in addition to skin irritation, reddening or even acne. A simple test with wiping with a tissue paper on your face when you wake up in the morning is enough to letting you know the kind the skin you possess. For different types of skins, however, read on the page below.

1. Normal Skin: If you possess this skin type, the tissue paper will not reveal any traces of oil when you wipe, besides always keeping elastic, vibrant and supple. This skin type is least problematic and has a smooth, clear and healthy complexion.

2. Dry Skin: If you possess dry skin type, the tissue paper will again come out clean, but this time, your skin will feel dry, flaky and tight when you have wiped. Dry skin has the vulnerability to develop wrinkles, fine pores, early aging and irritation. Therefore, in order to keep it healthy and nourished, it needs constant moisturization and care.

 3. Oily Skin: This is a third type of skin and will leaves spots of oil on tissue paper when you will wipe. Oily skin is very problematic and looks greasy, thick, shiny and contains large pores which may break into acne. However on the plus point, it is not very mush prone to aging and wrinkles. Moreover, proper cleaning and care besides using oily products on the skin may help keeping it healthy.

4. Combination Skin: If your skin is of a combination type, the tissue paper will leave oil on the areas for nose and forehead, but will come clean in the areas around cheeks. This type of skin has the patches, both oily and dry and requires different treatments for different areas. While the dry areas around cheek and eyes needs regular moisturization, the oily parts requires constant cleaning in order to keep it healthy.

 5. Sensitive Skin: This type of skin is usually very dry, feels tightened and can be irritated easily. This type of skin is very precarious and fragile and needs special kind of treatment. In fact finding right kind of products and treatments for this skin type needs a lot of research and knowledge.

 Thus, it can be easily known what skin type you possess. However, what requires is its proper care and right beauty products. If you were in dark about what exactly was your skin type, this article must have helped. So go on and find your right type and look ever shining, ever graceful and ever elegant when you walk out. 

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