Accessorize your Hair with Chic Hair Bands

When it comes to fashion, we talk about studded trinket, garlanded bags and studded sandals. We always forget to accessorize our hair and wear boring hairstyles without decking it out. The days of boring hair are over now. You can give a new and chic look in a distinctive way to your hair by topping it with mesmerizing hair bands, like- studded hair bands, spiked hair bands etc. Hair is something; a slight change in hairstyles transforms your look entirely. So as to grab the attention of people and compliment your look, just ornament it with style accessories. So Ladies, never step out of your house with naked hair. Enhance the beauty of your hair by decorating it with below listed eye catching hair bands-

1. Studded Hair Bands- Top up your look with these studded hair bands. They are too pretty to load up with accessories. If you want to add girly glamour to any dress, go for them.

1   2. Wide Tooth Hair Bands- You can be super fashionable from your head to toe by fixing these beautiful hair bands in different styles. Go for neon colors hair bands or prints like- tribal, floral etc for top style points. Revamp your hair accessories with them.

3. Neon Jersey Hair Bands-   It is rather quite difficult to make a balance between style and comfort but these neon jersey hair bands get it right. Neon colors are in vogue, if you wear the bands of these colors, they would add beauty to your look for sure.

4. Hanging Chain Hair Bands- These kind of hair bands look very exquisite and compliment your look. It is a hair band from which 30 to 35 chains dangle. Hanging chains disappear in blonde hair but they stand out really pretty against black hair.

5. Gilded Chiffon Hair Bands- The Grecian design on the white polka dotted hair band takes our breath away. Sport it with a neutral linen scarf.

6. Spike Hair Band- Looks pretty. You can wear it like a traditional hair band or wrap it tightly around your bun.

7. Chain and Cord Hair Band- This mixed and match material hair bands looks effortless, chic and fresh. The deftly designed chains add a touch of drama when they wrap from knot to knot.

8. Braided Hair Bands- If you want to add some fun to your daily look, go for braided hair bands. You can wear these bands with both straight and wavy hair by putting them over your crown or wrapping around a ponytail or bun.

To look different from other people, give a try to one of these hair bands that suits your attires and personality. Visit -

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