Get Your Skin Ready for Spring!

The winter chill has not gone yet! But yes, it is about time you start preparing your skin fir the spring season. Before you even know, sunshine will be back and your skin will have some new woes to battle with. Worst thing would be to have lifeless and pale skin which looks like it spent months being buried under the snow. No need to worry! Just follow these simple steps to get your skin ready for spring.


Getting rid of the old skin cells is the first thing you need to do while you prepare your skin for spring season. Staying on the topmost layer of your skin, these dead cells prevent the nutrients and air from reaching the deeper layers. Exfoliation is the best option to resolve this issue. You can either make your own scrub or purchase a sugar-based scrub from the market. Apply the scrub on wet skin and massage thoroughly. This will remove the layer of dead skin cells. Don't scrub too hard, otherwise you will hurt the deeper layers.

Clean smartly:

Now that your skin is free from layers of dead cells, you need to be careful while cleaning it. Choose a body wash which suits your skin type and is rich in moisturizing ingredients. Soaps and body washes with various invigorating fragrances are available nowadays. You can also use orange or lemon zest along with body washes, for added freshness. 


With the spring season getting closer, you need to keep your moist and hydrated. Just after shower, apply your favorite oil or moisturizer all over your body.

Your skin is likely to face different troubles in different seasons be it the oiliness and acne in summers, or dryness and flaky skin in winters. Using extra skincare products for these troubles is not enough. Maintaining the internalhealth of your skin is also very important.  

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