Smart Reasons For Not Getting a Haircut !

While keeping your hair short, having a pixie hair or bob cut may be cool and stylish which can attract a lot compliments from other girls, keeping the hair long and letting go of that urge to cut them off has its own advantages. Even when long hair needs more management, more care and more products still the leverage it scores is more than keeping your hair short. While it may be intriguing considering the validity of above claim, we are providing some good reasons in the support this fact which may help you alter your perception. Read on to find out.:

1. Kill the Chill: While the winters are on their best way up, having your hair short will mean all the sizzle entering your head. If you are the one who feel their bones chilled in winters, then this will be one of the most practical reasons for not cutting your hair.

2. The Bad Hair Day Options: A bad hair day can happen anytime. Whereas a hat or a hair band is always an option nearby, but keeping a cute braid or pony can never be if you are having your hair short. Thus, you may have more bad hair days with short hair than the other way round.

3. Skipping a day option: When you have short hair, you have to wash it each and every single day otherwise it may look greasy. While in case of long hair, washing three times a week is enough. This also helps to retain the oils, nourishment and condition of your hair for long.

4. Long Hair, More Styles: If short hair look more chic, one cannot deny the fact that longer hairs have far more styles. In fact some of the trendy dos such as the braids are always in fashion. Naturally when you have small hair, donning these styles will never be an option.

5. Men Like Longer Hair: Well, the statement may strike some controversy. But it is fact admitted by women themselves that men like them more in longer tress. And if we go by many other surveys and polls like these which corroborates the sub-heading above, it becomes one more solid reason to keep your hair from cutting.

6. The growing out phase: Okay, even if you have decided to cut your mane nevertheless, but spare a moment to think of the intervening period if you ever decide to grow them again. This is the most awkward and challenging moment because during that period it is very difficult to decide what to do with your hair. They are neither too big to manage, not too small to be called short. This it might appeal you as another reason to prevent your hair from cutting off.

With some of these reasons I hope you will decide not to cut your beautiful mane. As cutting them may only take moment while growing them out may take forever. The conviction and prudence lies with you only. CHEERS!

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