A Natural Look with Makeup!

A natural-looking makeup is something every woman loves to wear! It actually manages to give you a prettier look without giving any hints about the usual makeup. Even if you sway more towards the dramatic side, it is smart of your to know about natural makeup. You can think of several occasions to sport this look. Here are a few tips to keep-up a natural look with makeup.

Pick the correct foundation shade:

All your makeup tricks across the board, especially the natural one, should have this step as an important one. It is necessary for you to make sure that the foundation shade is apt for you. Obviously, your makeup won't look natural unless it flawlessly blends into your skin. Your foundation should never be visible on your skin. Foundation should enhance the beauty of your skin rather than looking like an artificial layer on your skin.    

Note the foundation formula:

The formula on which your foundation is based holds a lot of importance and is one of factors affecting your makeup. You will find that some foundations are heavier than  others. When you opt for a natural makeup look, it is better to go for a more sheer coverage. With a heavier foundation, the wrinkles and fine lines on  your face will look caked. A sheer coverage hides the major flaws and at the same time ensures that you don't get a fake look.    

Neutral eye shadows:

While going for the natural look, your eye shadows are best to be neutral. Universally flattering shades like taupe, browns, light grays and creams come under this category. You may get confused between warm and cool undertones. Better choose the one that best complements your skin tone.

Following these tips is very easy for you! Sporting a makeup using these not only hides the flaws on your face, but also helps to keep-up the natural beauty of your face

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