Amazing and Fashionable Ways to Wear Red in 2014

Out of all colors and probably only with the exception of black, Red is the only color that finds a high popularity with almost all kind of people, of any generation and of any gender. While the Red is nevertheless, always in fashion and there will always be some interesting way or the other by they would find a place in one's wardrobe, we discuss here some of the cooler and more creative ways by which you can don the color Red in this year and rock the world with your amazing and innovative style and personality.

1. Heels: One of the coolest and amazing ways to flaunt the color red is by wearing it on your heels. You can do this by getting an awesome pair of  stilettos. You can match them with any neutral color like black, tan or white to give a stunning effect. Besides, since the Red catches attention fast, they also brings your sexy legs into notice too.

2. Handbags: Another way by which you can show-off this shade is by the carrying a red color handbag. Handbags are a sort of accessories that are most essential and in some way or the other are always carried by women. Red is particular popular this season. What you can do is pair a bold red handbag with a neutral colored outfit or perhaps some matching embellishments or scarf.

3. Scarves: Red color scarves look great in winters matches well with basic business outfits as well as with navy shade. So next time you go out searching for scarves, pick a red one!

4. Nails: Red colored nails are something that are and will always be in fashion. They are nevertheless a great way to flaunt your style. But always keep in mind that your nails are in good shape before you apply them. Cut them in proper length and make the edges smooth before to go ahead.

5. Pullovers: Pullovers are a great way to flaunt red this winter. They can form a great pair with brown or black skirt or a good pair of jeans. Besides they are an all time favorite. So get a good quality pullover from market to look your fashionable best.

6. Lips: Red lipstick not only look sexy but they as well bring out a bold persona out of you. But red lipstick should only be worn if you can pull this off easily. Red shade on lips can match with almost any type and any color of outfit except Pink. So wear this with a supreme confidence and walk out exuding a distinctive charm.

Red is a great color to show off. In addition to being bold and attractive it also appends a distinguished appeal to the persona. Thus, try out the above ways to wearing red and make 2014 one of your most fashionable years.

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