5 Ways to Stop Winter Dandruff

Although the arrival of winter brings with it the arrival of rosy weather besides chilling and exciting nights, it also signals the return of usual problems associated with the season. From various afflictions like dry skin, chapped lips etc winter dandruff is one of them.

As the season falls, many people observe a persistent presence of dandruff which sometimes fails to wash away even by using a good quality shampoo. Although, the primary reason accorded to winter dandruff is dry air, reasons may as well show a diverse variation. If you are fed up with this consistent problem that shows up again and again, the following information might be of some help to you. Read on:

1. Shampoo: Choosing the right kind of shampoo for your dandruff afflicted hair is as important as probably any other thing. Make sure you have the shampoo that suits your hair otherwise it may aggravate the problem. Also, besides washing off your scalp, it is also important to wash off any shampoo remains, otherwise it may fall off looking like dandruff flakes.

2. Brush you Hair Regularly: Remember to brush off your hair regularly as brush on a consistent basis helps removing the deposit in the scalp. Besides this activity also massages your hair and improves blood circulation which can also help to avoid dandruff.

3. Check you Hair Products: The kind and type of hair products one uses makes a direct impact on the amount of dandruff in your hair. Some products such as hair gels and hair sprays may react adversely and worsen the problem.

4.  Check your Plate: Eating right kind of foods also makes an impact on the dandruff. According to some renowned hair experts, including fats, vitamin B and zinc rich foods helps to keep the dandruff at bay.

5. Massage the Scalp: As mentioned above, winters brings with it a spell of dry air which makes the scalp dry and cause dandruff. Thus it is important to massage the scalp regularly with oil in order to always keep it hydrated and nourished. Besides, massaging also helps to improve on blood circulation and flow of oxygen to the head with subsequently reduce the production of dead cells.

Winter dandruff is a widespread problem but dealing with it is not impossible. Just by following simple and easy steps, we can easily avoid this problem. Thus get the right information and let your hair flow freely this winter season.

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